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Best Unisex Salon Services for You in Kalyan!

We provide the following services

L'Oreal Hair Spa

Rs. 950 onwards

Keratin Hair Spa

Rs. 1200 onwards

Moroccan Hair Spa

Rs. 1800 onwards

Hair Frizz Control

Rs. 1500 onwards

Anti Hair fall

Rs. 1500 onwards

Hair Recharge Treatment

Rs. 1800 onwards

Scalp Hydration Treatment

Rs. 2000 onwards

Anti Dandruff Treatment

Rs. 1500 onwards

Keratin Treatment

Rs. 3500 onwards

For manageable hairs and control frizziness of hairs.

Karashine Treatment

Rs. 4000 onwards

Benifits for natural straight and shiny hairs.

Karabond Treatment

Rs. 5000 onwards

Repair hair bonds, 100% frizz free hair, natural straight look.

Karasmooth Treatment

Rs. 6000 onwards

Combination of straightening and protein treatment which gives you 100% straight look and 100% repairing with protein.


Rs. 7500 onwards

Helps in frizz control, gives nutrition to your hairs and fill the gap between cuticals and cortex to give you manageable.

W two plex Treatment

Rs. 7000 onwards

Protects hair colour and repairs hair fibre. Rebuilds the fiber, with a shiny effect, without frizz.

Butox Hair Treatment

Rs. 4500 onwards

For coloured and chemically treated hairs which improve your elasticity and gives you frizz free hair.

Tannino Hair Treatment

Rs. 8500 onwards

Frizz control, add lustre to hairs, volume infusion with 70% straight look and 100% chemical free treatment.

Under eye

Rs. 1600

Acne Control Treatment

Rs. 1800

Pigmentation Treatment

Rs. 2000

Dry & Dehydration Treatment

Rs. 2500

Anti ageing Treatment

Rs. 3000

Puffiness Treatment

Rs. 3000

Under arms Treatment

Rs. 1800

Brightening Masque

Rs. 400

Whitening Masque

Rs. 500

Black Masque

Rs. 700

Parafin Masque

Rs. 800

Tightening Masque

Rs. 900

Peel off Mask

Rs. 1000

Hydramoist Facial

Rs. 1100

Skin hydrating facial treatment for dry skin remedies. It hydrates and restores the natural softness and suppleness

Puravitals Facial

Rs. 1200

It is an essential treatment for normal to oily skin, as it refines open pores and prepares the skin for the actives.

Energising Facial

Rs. 1350

A deep pore clensing facial, works on all level to rebalance & hydrate skin by using botanical products.

Brightening & Lightning Facial

Rs. 1500

For dark & uneven skin ton. Clears sunburn tan.

Bio Lift Facial

Rs. 1800

It gives an immediate glow, skin is left refreshed, lifted, pores are tighter

Antioxidant Facial

Rs. 2000

Fights free radicals that cause damage to skin.

Sensi Glow Facial

Rs. 2200

Specially formulated for calming and soothing sensitive skin. It aids in evening out the skin tone.

Instant Glow Facial

Rs. 2800

The key ingredient with lactic acid vitamins & hyaluronic acid gives radient look and even tone to your skin

Skin Lightning Facial

Rs. 3000

For mature dull hydrated and ageing skin and make your skin smooth & shiny with youthfull glow.

Smart age collagen Facial

Rs. 3500

Prevents the breakdown of collagen by blocking the activity of certain enzymes and stimulates collagen production.It lifts, firm and smooths the skin and visibly reduce lines and wrinkles.

Seaweed Facial

Rs. 3800

This purifying enriching facial for oily open pores and acne skin type. It helps in detoxifying. Balance oil production, increases hydration and trans epidermal water loss.

Perfect Glow Facial

Rs. 4500

Suitable for all skin types. Provides mild exfoliating effects, creates new cells and shedding off dead cells. Helps to provide smoother and much brighter skin complexion.

Velvet Signature Facial

Rs. 6000

Treats skin congestion effective for reviving skin vibrance. Provide the lost skin radiance, makes skin firm, removes wrinkles, lines and creases.

Aqua Touch Facial

Rs. 4000

It extracts whiteheads, blackheads and cleanses the skin dirt and all unwanted elements giving you a glowing and clear skin.


Rs. 50 - 3500

The prices vary according to body parts, different criteria, and the type of waxing treatment: Normal Wax and Chocolate Wax.

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